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Monarch’s advanced screen printing inks are made to keep you ahead in a changing industry



 Why use Monarch screen printing inks?

Monarch Color supplies the newest, most innovative screen printing plastisol inks on the market today. Our Yeti White plastisol ink is the brightest, highest opacity white and gives screen printers of any size the widest range of options to print on any substrate. Monarch’s screen printing plastisol inks are also low-dye-migration inks, which are specially formulated for fabrics such as 100% polyester uniforms that require resistance to dye migration.

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"We were really pleased with the results we got from Monarch ink right out of the bucket. Our printers like that it has a nice, fluffy consistency. No more straining the forearms getting ink out of the bucket even on cold mornings. We also noticed that it cleans up really easily which is a big win when it comes to saving time during ink changes. We also noticed it had a very nice soft hand and optimal opacity."

Dave Collier
Ink Floyd, Owner




Monarch’s non-phthalate and lead-free plastisol ink is an industrial ink for screen-printing cotton, polyester, nylon, and cotton/polyester blends that has a long shelf life compared to standard plastisol inks. Since one ink rarely provides the best performance for all fabrics, Monarch has crafted numerous specially formulated inks that will keep you one step ahead of the rest of the screen-printing industry.  Our Non-Phthalate, lead free plastisols are formulated to meet environmental regualations. 

All series pass all requirements of CPSC HR-4040 & CA PROP65.


What make Monarch Ink Different?

When Monarch entered the Garmet printing market, our goal was to create the newest, most innovative, screen printing plastisol inks that surpassed the
current ink standards for; color, opacity, workability, performance, and bleed resistance.  While leaving a finished soft hand that all customers want. 
Here’s what you can expect from your Monarch Ink.
* High Opacity
* Vibrant Colors
* Whitest White on the market today
* High Bleed Resistance
       - Low Temp Inks
       - LB Poly/Cotton
       - Athletic & 100% Polyester Ink
 * No Ghosting
 * Improved Make Ready
 * Reduced Production Time
 * Easier and Faster Clean-up
 * Easier printing on Manual Presses


Our Apocalypse Color series inks, are high opacity colors that are not limited to certain ink types. 
All of our plastisol ink types come in the following:
  • 31 standard colors
  • 12 blending colors
  • 10 fluorescent colors
  • 4 specialty colors (more available upon request)
  • Custom colors available upon request


Monarch’s Apocalypse Blending Inks 

Our Apocalypse Blending system is a state of the art, high opacity, color mixing system available in:

  • 100% Cotton Ink
  • LB Poly/Cotton Ink
  • LB 100% Poly Ink 

Each Blending system is specific to the ink type you are using and will enable you to accurately create most PMS colors.

PMS Color matching system coming Sept. 2017

*Color chips presented here represent similar colors in several ink series; therefore the shade of each color may differ slightly from the actual ink.  Color ships should be used as a guideline only. 
Colors may also vary with the ink film thinkness, substrate, substrate color, and curing termperature. 


Monarch’s silicone inks are based on an innovative silicone technology that delivers the ultimate stretch and feel on the latest performance fabrics. These inks have been crafted to bring out the strengths and benefits of silicone chemistry to your textile screen.

Coming Fall of 2017!

Monarch Plastisol Standard Colors


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