Monarch Launches New EVOLUTION series UV Flexo Ink

April 7, 2017

Monarch Color Corporation Launches New Evolution Series UV Flexo Inks


CHARLOTTE, NC — Monarch Color Corporation, a global presence in the manufacturing of offset and flexo inks, has announced the launch of its new UV Flexo Inks for the high speed, in-mold, and shrink sleeve printing market.

The EVOLUTION of energy cured flexo inks has reached a new level of performance with Monarch Color Corporation’s latest technological breakthrough in UV cured flexographic ink systems.  “The heart of this system is based on a bio-renewable proprietary oligomer system,” states Jerry Woodall, Vice President of Monarch Color Corporation.  “It provides excellent pigment wetting and very low viscosity base colors.  This base color approach allows for diversification in the production of various finished ink requirements based on the customer’s applications.” Woodall continued.

“Meeting the needs of the industry and our customers, has demanded a “Commitment to Excellence” in the development of our latest ink system. The applications are endless.  We have met and exceeded the demands for high speed UV flexographic printing.  The true EVOLUTION is that it is not just a one dimensional ink.  Not only will it give our customers incredibly high print speeds, but it is also good for a multitude of other applications from in-mold labels to shrink sleeve printing.  The performance will impact every level of your production, from color control to throughput speeds,” states Aaron Blank, Vice President Sales and Marketing of Monarch Color Corporation.

Let the next EVOLUTION in UV flexographic ink take your production to levels only dreamed of before.


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