Monarch Color ULT3 – Available Now!

Monarch Color has launched its latest advancement in the plastisol screen printing ink market, ULT3. ULT3 is the third generation in a series of low-temp white inks designed for printing on 100% polyester fabrics, particularly those prone to heavy dye migration. ULT3 is soft and creamy, unlike many low-temp polyester inks on the market. We […]

Anatol Open House – Matt Brandt

We’re thrilled to announce that Monarch Color Corporation is taking an active role in fostering the screen printing community by sponsoring the upcoming Anatol Open House! This event is scheduled for June 2nd and 3rd and will be held at the renowned Matt Brandt’s workshop in the vibrant Mamaroneck, NY. Why should you consider attending? […]

Last Call For Plastisol Episode 2

The second episode of “Last Call For Plastisol” features a conversation with Laura Berry from Tall Girl Prints in Charlotte, NC. Laura brings her experience from the corporate sales world to the show, sharing her knowledge on sales techniques, strategies, and the dynamics of working with a spouse while stepping away from corporate America. Hosts […]

Last Call For Plastisol Episode 1

first episode of “Last Call For Plastisol,” a show hosted by Christy Rossi and Jeremy Ray. In this episode, viewers have the opportunity to meet the hosts and learn about their backgrounds in the screen printing industry. The hosts share their experiences, humble beginnings, and the journey the industry has taken them on over the […]