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At Monarch Color, we are at the forefront of innovation in plastisol screen printing inks. Our expertise shines in our low-temp plastisol inks, meticulously designed to conquer the complexities of modern printing demands. Whether you’re dealing with bleed-prone sports apparel or delicate fabrics that require lower curing temperatures, our solutions are tailored for you.

Experience unparalleled brilliance with our Yeti White inks. Known for their striking brightness and exceptional opacity, they set the standard for white inks. Additionally, our groundbreaking Low Temp Apocalypse LB color system offers high-opacity colors for a wide range of fabrics, enabling printing directly without an under-base. This translates to enhanced production efficiency without compromising on quality.

Building on the success of our Low Temp Apocalypse Inks, we’ve integrated this cutting-edge technology into our standard cure temp inks. This evolution has positioned our Stark White as a top contender in the industry. When paired with our VIVID line of colors, it forms a superior ink system, unmatched in today’s market for its versatility and quality.

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Color chips presented here represent similar colors in several ink series; therefore the shade of each color may differ slightly from the actual ink. Color chips should be used as a guideline only. Colors may also vary with the ink film thickness, substrate, substrate color, and curing temperature.