Flexographic Printing Inks

High-Performance Flexo Printing Inks from Monarch Color

Elevate Your Printing with Monarch's Custom Flexographic Inks

Monarch’s flexographic inks are not just inks; they are a testament to unparalleled printing excellence. Engineered for superior quality, these inks represent the pinnacle of strength and efficiency in the industry. Say goodbye to the hassles of color shifts, frequent pH adjustments, and unnecessary downtime. By consulting with Monarch’s seasoned ink craftsmen, discover tailored solutions that transform your printing challenges into triumphs.

Beyond our exceptional flexo inks, Monarch Color offers a spectrum of “Best in Class” ink solutions. These include heat-resistant, quick-drying, and fade-resistant options, perfectly suited for high line anilox rollers. Imagine the synergy when our flexo inks unite with our premium overprint varnishes and primers; it’s a combination designed to captivate and impress your clients.

Monarch Color proudly sets the industry benchmark with our range of flexographic printing inks:

Aqueous Inks

Three Decades of Innovative Excellence

Flexographic printing is rapidly expanding into domains previously held by gravure, driven by the diverse graphic needs of consumer goods and the demand for lower inventory and quicker turnaround times.

Monarch Color’s ink craftsmen specialize in creating versatile inks and coatings for today’s demanding flexographic market. Catering to a variety of substrates, including paper and film, and suitable for high line anilox rollers or low maintenance requirements, Monarch Color ensures your printing needs are comprehensively met.

UV Inks

Flexography for the Modern Market

For over 30 years, Monarch Color has been at the forefront of UV-curable ink and coating technologies. Our UV inks, suitable for a range of applications from shrink sleeves to in-mold labels, are known for their high opacity and quality.

We prioritize environmental responsibility, with many inks made from over 50% bio-renewable materials, including soybean-derived components. This commitment to sustainability and performance excellence is what sets our UV inks apart.